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The Walking Dead (Original Television Soundtrack)

by Bear McCreary

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Bag Of Guns 02:46
Sophia 03:09
Coalescence 03:55
Eulogy 02:39
Carl 01:38
C-Section 05:33
The Governor 02:31
The Badge 01:43
Negan 02:20


For this long-awaited release, McCreary selected both his personal favorites from the first seven seasons, along with those most frequently requested by fans. He said, “narrowing down the highlights from seven years of work was a tremendous challenge.”

Premiering on Halloween 2010, in 120 countries simultaneously, The Walking Dead became a cultural zeitgeist practically overnight. A deserted car wreck. A policeman walking through it. The back of a little girl. He calls to her. At first she doesn’t respond. Then she turns around… revealing that all is not quite what it seems. The cop left with no choice shoots her, and as she falls, the tremolo string arpeggios of the “Main Title Theme” by McCreary crescendo, drawing millions of viewers into this harrowing world of The Walking Dead.

“When we started discussing the first season we agreed that drama, action, and horror would be felt more intimately if the score were used only in pivotal scenes, and that it should be written with tonal clarity,” McCreary explained of his initial approach to scoring The Walking Dead. During the zombie apocalypse, silence would be the most prevalent – the lack of sound is what survivors would notice. Those moments when McCreary’s music kicks in, viewers know they are about to be treated to something important. “This approach allowed me to create big emotional impacts with sparse musical gestures.”

As the series progressed, McCreary was able to expand the musical palette. For the second and third seasons he did so with “acoustic guitars and drums to connect with the farmhouse setting (check out ‘Message to Morgan’).” He blended these with a small orchestra for the gut-crushing mid-season finale (‘Sophia'). As audiences were introduced to new characters like the Governor, McCreary incorporated a synth pulse to his largely organic instrumentation. When Neegan was introduced a few seasons later, he employed “creepy electric guitar gestures.”


released October 19, 2017

Album Produced by Joe Augustine & Bear McCreary
Score Produced by Bear McCreary & Steve Kaplan
Recorded and Mixed by Steve Kaplan
Conducted by Bear McCreary
Orchestrated by Edward Trybek, Henri Wilkinson
Copyist: Andrew Harris
Scoring Managers: Sam Ewing, Jessica Rae Huber
Scoring Coordinators: Olivia Blissett, Jonathan Ortega, Kaiyun Wong
Scoring Assistants: Jason Akers, Michael Beach, Omer Ben-Zvi, Jonathan Chau, David Matics, Joanna Pane
Music Editor: Michael Baber
Orchestra Contractor: Peter Rotter
Vocal Contractor: Bobbi Page
Studios: The Bridge Recording Studio, Capitol Records, Glenwood Place Recording Studios, Henson Recording Studios
Mastered by Pat Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, Los Angeles, CA
Representation: Kraft-Engel Management

Executive Album Producers for Lakeshore Records: Skip Williamson and Brian McNelis
Director of A&R: Eric Craig
Art Director: John Bergin
Layout: by Joe Chavez
Lakeshore Records’ Special Thanks: Lynn Hobensack and Don Smith

I would like to thank all of my creative partners on this series, individuals whose artistry inspires me on every episode. Special thanks are due to Frank Darabont for bringing me into the family. I also must thank Gale Anne Hurd, Glen Mazzara, David Alpert, Greg Nicotero, Robert Kirkman, Thomas GolubiĆ, Jerry Ross, all the brilliant directors and editors I get to work with, Dawn Botti and all of my friends at AMC, and Brian McNelis at Lakeshore Records. I could never have survived the musical apocalypse without the unending support of my friends, family, and my miraculous team at Sparks & Shadows, especially Joe Augustine, who has been working on this record with me for years. This album would not be possible without the endless enthusiasm and support from my producer, and friend, Scott M. Gimple.

Raya Yarbrough vocals, Chris Bleth woodwinds, Katherine Ortega bassoon, Laura Brenes French horn, Jonathan Ortega percussion, Bryan Taylor drum kit, Steve Bartek electric banjo, guitars, Ira Ingber guitars, Brendan McCreary guitars, Edward Trybek guitars, Mike Valerio electric bass,
Paul Cartwright electric violin, Peter Jacobson solo cello, Gabriel DiMarco solo cello, Bear McCreary hurdy-gurdy, MIDI programming

Violin Julie Gigante, Eun-Mee Ahn, Robbie Anderson, Jacqueline Brand, Bruce Dukov, Tammy Hatwan, Natalie Leggett, Maya Magub,
Serena McKinney, Helen Nightengale, Alyssa Park, Katia Popov, Neli Nikolaeva, Lisa Sutton, Sarah Thornblade, Shalini Vijayan, Roger Wilkie
Viola Robert Brophy, Brian Dembow, Matt Funes, Tom Lea, Shawn Mann, Darrin McCann, Vickie Miskolczy, David Walther
Violoncello Steve Erdody, Giovanna Clayton, Dennis Karmazyn, Erika Duke-Kirkpatrick,
Armen Ksajikian, Tim Landauer, Andrew Shulman, Jacob Szekely, Cécilia Tsan
Contrabass Drew Dembowski, Ed Meares, Mike Valerio


all rights reserved


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